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Vaginal Dryness Cream – Natural Lubricant That Can Work Wonders


Urge for physical proximity between opposite sex is endowed by nature to continue race on earth. Sex is both procreation and recreation. In fact, procreation takes place by means of recreation. Therefore sexual partners crave for optimum enjoyment during lovemaking, and can go to any lengths to achieve it. It is a fallacy that dominant role during sex is a man’s prerogative or confirmation of his manliness. Sex is enjoyable only if both the male and female participate in it actively and passionately. The fallacy however is slowly being decimated with increasing awareness in women about their sexuality, and their role and nature of participation during sexual encounters. Men today would also not want their female partners to lie limp on bed during encounters. Women have understood this, and are ready to take all pains to satiate their men.

Vaginal dryness is something that many women in their 40’s and 50’s face. It impairs the enjoyment expected out of sex, and women try desperately to lubricate their vagina to provide desired sexual satisfaction to their male partners. Vaginal dryness is often accompanied with irritation, and is common among perimenopausal and menopausal women. Vaginal dryness can be a real affliction, for it would make lovemaking painful for the woman. lubrikační gely Thus women with vaginal dryness often run away from sex and experience a fall in sex drive.

The major causes of vaginal dryness are: declining levels of estrogen that cause thinning and drying of vaginal walls and also cause vaginal muscles to lose tone and get slackened. The second cause is underlying medical conditions like Sjogren’s disease. The third leading cause is emotional stress or stress due to unsettled issues between the woman and her partner. This certainly affects her love-making by delaying her sexual arousals and drying up her vagina. Vaginitis, a yeast infection in vagina or other bacterial infections in vagina may also cause dryness. Medications like antidepressants, anti-allergens, low fluid content in body, smoking, douching, and hypothyroidism can also lead to vaginal dryness.

Taking sufficient water, intake of a hormone balancing diet, taking multivitamin and mineral supplements are the preliminary steps to alleviate the problem. The woman may also try out vaginal lubricants to moisturize or hydrate her vagina. However while choosing the lubricating cream or gel, she must be very careful. Natural products are better for the purpose, because the gel or cream has to deal with a very sensitive area of the woman’s body.

HerSolution gel is one such natural lubricant that can work wonders. Being purely natural in composition, it is quite safe to use. It shows action immediately. The benefits of HerSolution gel are multiple. Apart from easing vaginal dryness and doing away with the trauma of painful sex, it improves elasticity and flexibility of muscles around the reproductive organs, heightens female libido and causes easy sexual arousal, cures female sexual dysfunction, increases flow of blood to the labia or clitoris, gives powerful climax. Small quantity of HerSolution gel is to be applied in to the vagina using fingers 5 minutes before lovemaking, and the woman will see how magically it ignites her passion.

The natural ingredients of HerSolution gel include olive Squalene, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera extracts, Dipropylene Glycol, L-Arginine, Menthol USP, Purified water etc. These ingredients are potent enough to lubricate vagina aptly and elevate sexual pleasure. A woman should try out the product and feel the difference herself. HerSolution gel would impart a new and more colorful dimension to your love life. 2-3 months of continuous usage of the gel would completely eradicate the problem and restore natural moisture in the woman’s vagina!

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