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My Father’s Lucky Betting System


I grew up by my dad. My dad was a gambler. After I was 14 my dad had an amazing blessed summer betting online baseball.  e-sport cmd368 He had worked out something which acquired 90% of the time. I did not understand it at that time. When my dad moved to a hot series he would become very silent. I think he feared if he talked about this that the bout will be broken and he’d lose. Yes, he had been just like every additional politician, he was very superstitious.

Like I said, I did not know how well my dad system had been working that summer before he started renting another Ferrari another week. And then we started dining much higher priced restaurants. And then he started buying me top notch designer outfits. I have never asked my father about all the money. I admired his superstitions. I knew he would tell me if the time was right.

It had been at mid September when my dad dropped by my top school to pick up me and take me home. He was not driving a Ferrari. And he was far more talkative on the ride home. It was at this time I knew his streak was finished. And I knew he’d tell me all about this.

It had been while we were eating dinner he explained the baseball gambling system if you ask me personally. And I’ll overlook the glint in his eye as he said the machine he’d created. He was rather proud that he had thought it up. His system was very basic and wasn’t predicated on odds or who had been pitching. His system has been based on human nature.

This really is what he told mepersonally.

“Pam, the way I guessed it had been that the best time to set a bet on a baseball club was when they came home from a roadtrip. And there is a constant bet the very first game they’re in your home but always the second match. How I view is these ball players have been on the highway for a week or two, they’ve been eating food, they have been staying up late drinking and halfway around – it takes its toll. They get home with their family life, a few home cooking, time with their kids, and so they become more relaxed and they get a good night sleep. The 2nd match at home, it cann’t matter how good the team knows that they are playing who is pitching against them these boys are going to win”

My father made a great deal of money that bewitching summer for this system. But then it stopped. And this system never worked again for him personally.

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